Thank You, John and Christopher!

John Parras and Christopher Salerno are the literary editors for Map Literary: A Journal of Contemporary Writing and Art, headquartered at The William Paterson University of New Jersey. They have graciously accepted four poems by Martin Ott and me: “Man of Plastic,” “Batman’s Other Utility Belt,” “The Abandoned League,” and “In the Comics.” It’s really cool that they want to take so many of our pieces. All four poems come from our third, most recent, and definitely most unfinished manuscript, American Wonder, which explores the worlds of superheroes and supervillains. Thanks again, John! Thanks again, Christopher! And thanks to the rest of Map Literary‘s editorial staff! We truly appreciate your faith in our work.

Thank You, Wisconsin Review!

First, Shannon Berg of Wisconsin Review notified Martin Ott and me that it would like to publish our poem, “The Day Walter Cronkite Died.” That poem commemorates some of the events that were televised on July 17, 2009. Then, around a week later, Shannon contacted me to accept two of my solo poems, “Stalking le Nain Rouge” and “And Then the Stinger Drives Home,” about an annual parade in Detroit and my reaction to my mother’s debilitation from cancer, respectively. I’m pretty happy to have three poems appearing in Wisconsin Review, so thanks again to Shannon, to poetry editor Alex Seidl, and to the rest of the editorial staff over at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.

Thank You, Rachel!

Rachel Cross, editor in chief for The Siren, a national, online literary journal based out of The University of Kansas, let me know that my poem “Tiger Season” has been accepted for its most recent issue. I’m grateful to Rachel and the rest of The Siren‘s staff for choosing this poem, which is a favorite of mine, either because of or despite its seeming conflation of poet and narrator. (I don’t, for instance, have a younger Juggalette sister named Amanda.)

Thank You, Euphemism!

Someone named Emily, speaking on behalf of the editorial staff of Euphemism, which is created by undergraduate and graduate students at Illinois State University, has accepted two poems by Martin Ott and me: “Our Favorite Programs That We Can’t Watch” and “Synopsis of Lusts of Midgard, America’s Favorite Viking Soap Opera, Season 37, Episode 229.” Like “The Invention of Television,” these two poems also had trouble finding a permanent home at the first journal that accepted them, and also will appear in Yankee Broadcast Network in late 2014 on Brooklyn Arts Press. So we’re very grateful to Euphemism for choosing to publish our poems online.

Thank You, Couri!

Couri Johnson, editor for Jenny, has informed Martin Ott and me that its editors have chosen our poem “The Invention of Television” for publication in its Spring 2014 issue. Jenny is an online magazine produced by Youngstown State University’s Student Literary Arts Association. “The Invention of Television” was the first poem written for Martin’s and my forthcoming book, Yankee Broadcast Network, which should appear on Brooklyn Arts Press later this year. We’re especially happy “The Invention of Television” has finally found a lasting home, since the first journal to accept this poem a couple of years ago became defunct before it could publish it.

Thank Yous from Martin and Me

Euphony, a student-run biannual literary journal at the University of Chicago, has chosen “Fireside Chat” by Martin Ott and me for a future issue. “Fireside Chat” is currently the final poem in the manuscript for our second collaboration, Yankee Broadcast Network, coming out on Brooklyn Arts Press at the end of this year. Thank you, Euphony editors, for choosing our poem.

Beecher’s Magazine, published annually in Lawrence, Kansas and run by the students of the graduate program in creative writing at the University of Kansas, has selected “Ghazalgate,” also by both Martin and me, also part of Yankee Broadcast Network, for its upcoming print issue. Thank you, Beecher’s busy bees, for choosing our poem.

A third chunk of gratitude goes to Rob Sturma and Ryk McIntyre, editors of MultiVerse, which will come out on Write Bloody Publishing in late 2014. Rob and Ryk accepted “The Dry Cleaner,” from American Wonder, Martin’s and my third manuscript (still very much in progress). MultiVerse will be the second comics-themed anthology in which one of our poems has appeared.

Finally, we’d like to thank Andrew T. Powers, who wrote a great review of our first joint collection, Poets’ Guide to America (Brooklyn Arts Press, 2012), for the latest issue of Prick of the Spindle.

More Thank Yous

I’m grateful that two of my poems have been accepted for republication by other journals. “The Anxiety of Influence,” which originally appeared in The Café Review, will soon be printed by the Broad River Review, the literary magazine for North Carolina’s Gardner-Webb University. And “Legends of the One Percent,” which is set to be published in Ireland’s The SHOp, will also be in Dream Catcher, a magazine from the East Midlands of England.

Even more recently, a third poem, “On Kandinsky’s Open Green, 1923″ was chosen for the print annual by the editors of Painted Bride Quarterly, published by Philadelphia’s Drexel University. Thank you to these editors as well.