Thank You, Hannah!

Hannah R. Green, editor of The Vehicle, has accepted two of my poems, the somewhat autobiographical “Beanstalks” and my extremely humble stab at a ghazal, “Tension.” The Vehicle is a biannual literary magazine produced by the students of Eastern Illinois University. I think it’s mostly online but puts out an annual print issue. At least, that’s what Duotrope says. I’m happy to get two of my pieces into The Vehicle, grateful to Hannah and the rest of the editorial board for taking them, but somewhat nervous that my friend and colleague, the ghazal-loving Adeeba Shahid Talukder, will soon be able to read “Tension” and incinerate it with her scorn after it fails to meet her standards. Then again, I’m always nervous at the thought of anyone I know reading and judging my poems that have been published online.

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2 responses to “Thank You, Hannah!

  1. Gosh, you are just steadily on fire, it would seem, JBB, dental woes or not. You are one hot property! It appears you made the right choice when you selected your program at UMich. Your blossoming career is enviable. Continued success~

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